Welcome to the Company E, 64th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Website.


Welcome to the 64th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Company E (Yates Sharp Shooters) website. I want to thank you for visiting our site. I think you will find the information interesting and useful. As a re-enacting unit, the 64th Illinois Volunteer Infantry has been active for over 10 years. I helped start and create our unit at that time.

We are a nonprofit organization of living history re-enactors who recreate the lives of soldiers and civilians from the era of 1861-1865. We attend events in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin with periodic events elsewhere. We have approximately 60 members in our unit. We also have an elected five member board that governs and regulates policy for the unit. The military segment of our unit is made up of the various ranks that a Civil War company would have had.  Members of our unit are elected biannually to fill these ranks beginning at our training camp.

We have a sizeable civilian contingent which re-enacts alongside the soldiers in our unit.  Our civilians participate in a variety of activities at events including cooking, sewing, crafts, children's games, and other educational demonstrations.

We pride ourselves in making history come alive for the public.  Our main goal is to teach adults as well as children about what life was like during the Civil War. These events are something that the whole family can enjoy.

I am very proud of our members and our unit. We are also charter members of the 1st Illinois Battalion, an organization of several re-enacting units in Northern Illinois.

If you have any questions about the military arm of our unit please feel free to contact our Military Commander, Captain Scott Gutzke..

For information about our civilian part of our unit please contact our Civilian Coordinator, Marge Dernulc.

Please visit the rest of our site by clicking on the links.  I think you will find us good people to relive our American Civil War history with.

Thank you,

Bob Bierman, President
64th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Co. E (Y.S.S.), Inc.


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